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.Attitude for life.
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November Yoga Challenge: #IntoNirvana

Hosted by Valencia, Savannah, Paula, Imogen, & I!

The Surprise we have for you this month it’s that our friends at @buddhapants. are giving up a yoga buddha pants to a one lovely yogi!

Take part of #IntoNirvana challenge and stand…

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Exposed from the sheets


I guess love is like the same feeling when you got hella money to spend

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Anonymous: Well in defence of whoever those boys are, women are MEANT to be curvy 


I hope to god you’re fucking kidding right now.

In what world is it okay to devalue a human being because of the size of their chest or the length of their legs or their fucking collarbones or any part of their being for that matter? None that I know of.

Women aren’t supposed to be fucking anything you obnoxious prick, and if the size of a women’s ANYTHING makes them of less value to you then maybe you’re the one with a problem, fuckwit.

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